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How To Find A Great Designer, Contractor Or Handyman

Sometimes, finding the perfect listing is just the start of the process; It can take an entire team of experts to turn a house into a home. The vast majority of homeowners need some type of repairs, renovations, furnishing, or design help. If you’re a real estate agent, there’s a good chance your clients are going to call you to ask who you recommend. Are you ready with a list of vetted companies or experts? Just as you likely have a list of mortgage brokers, title lawyers, and home inspectors to recommend, here are three more experts it’s a good idea to develop relationships with. Whether you’re an agent looking to expand your roster or a homeowner who is looking for help, this article will help connect you to the right people.

1. Survey the neighborhood.

Ideally, word of mouth is your best bet; Ask your coworkers and people in the neighborhood if they have someone they had a good experience with. If you’re an agent, get in the process of gathering names when you make small talk at open houses and events.

2. Check online reviews.

If no one has any leads, search some of the more popular review sites like Yelp, Houzz, and Angi. Take the top three names with the most positive reviews (and ideally some photos) and go search for their personal websites or social media profiles. Call them to ask if they’ve done any recent projects in the neighborhood and get an idea of their rates. Ask for references.

3. Lean into apps.

Online interior design services like Modsy and Havenly have improved a lot over the years; Many of these apps connect you with fantastic experts who give personal, virtual consults, and these services can be both time- and cost-efficient. They’re also good options for COVID, out-of-state buyers, and people who don’t live in areas with a lot of options that fit their aesthetic. Local high-end furniture retailers like Restoration Hardware and Room & Board can also help with interior design. Thumbtack and Home Advisor are good places to look for contractors and sort through reviews. Thumbtack can also connect you with a local handyman, and for smaller jobs—like hanging televisions and installing fixtures—there’s always TaskRabbit.

When you follow up with clients to see how they’re getting settled in their new home, be sure to ask how their experience with their contractor, designer, or handyman was, too. Over the years, you can compile an impressive list of top experts in all of your markets and be prepared to connect future clients with the best options.

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